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Tech Recruiting

Solving Your Tech Recruitment Challenges in an Ever-Changing Landscape

In an ever-increasingly tight technology market, partnering with the right Tech Recruitment Agency to source and select skilled tech professionals is key to the success of most companies. Tech StaQ successfully supports a broad range of companies who trust us with their growth, often choosing us as their exclusive partner over many years.

We invest heavily in the right tools, technology and strategy to ensure successful shortlisting of your role/s. Here is what we will do for you as part of our contingency service.


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Why Choose Our Tech Recruiting Solution?

On average we save our clients 35% when compared to working with recruiting fees whilst maintaining or improving other core objectives like speed, quality of hire and cost.

We make sure that you can quickly meet your hiring requirements by boosting your pipeline with pre-screened candidates.

For recruitment teams looking for support to meet the demands of one of their departments whether that’s tech, sales, commercial or otherwise. We can help you!