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We understand that your company is unique, and so is your team. That's why our candidates are handpicked to align with your team’s specific skills, experience, and characteristics. Our objective is to delve into the intricacies of your employees’ core competencies, providing you with the best tailor-made solution for your company.

tech staq

We uncover top-notch tech talent

So you can focus on your business!

A successful talent search demands data, rigorous analysis, creativity, logic, and sound judgment. Leveraging our extensive experience and knowledge, we empower organizations to seamlessly identify and nurture exceptional employees.

Access top-tier, vetted candidates within days. This translates to screening fewer unqualified candidates, minimizing the time your team spends on technical interviews, and accelerating the hiring process.

Your role? Simply extend the offers!

Tech Hiring
Tech Recruiting

Do you have a new role or need to replace a leaving employee? Our technical recruiting team will help you find that gem!

Project Hiring
Project hiring

Need to ramp up your team? Need to hire a specific amount of employees, we can help you save costs and avoid high fees!

All in one
All in One

We will source, interview and test the technical abilities and deliver a detailed report so you only have to conduct one interview!


Everything you need to execute your high-volume hiring process. You will get the resources you need to scale up in no time!


We select and hire the best-specialized talent for you and take care of everything for the time you need, remote or on-site.

Prior to founding Tech StaQ, our team comprised engineers, developers, consultants, and tech recruiters. We shared a common goal — making a positive impact by assisting fellow tech enthusiasts in securing their next opportunity and providing our clients with a specialized tech consultancy.

Our diverse backgrounds bring added value to our customers, enabling us to better understand their needs and meet the expectations of our candidates.

Picture the synergy and innovation our team generates with this blend of skills, making Tech StaQ a truly distinctive consultancy!

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