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Providing you with a team that you trust to quickly meet your immediate hiring needs without overloading your hiring managers.

all-in-one hiring solutions have a definitive start and stop usually defined by our client’s initiative such as a product launch, new location, or other similar events that require the need to hire outside of the typical hiring volume expected. 

Our team works with you to identify your hiring needs, and timeframe then we bootstrap your current hiring process or build an optimized solution to source, screen, and test candidates.  Like all our solutions, we recruit on your behalf, maintaining a solid employment brand and excellent candidate experience.

Tech StaQ Statistics
Tech StaQ Statistics

Why Choose All in One?

On average we save our clients 35% when compared to working with recruiting fees whilst maintaining or improving other core objectives like speed, quality of hire and cost. We take full owner ship of the process and deliver a detailed report limiting you to only the cultural fit interview.

We make sure that you can quickly meet your hiring requirements by scaling your in-house recruitment function up.

For recruitment teams looking for support to meet the demands of one of their departments whether that’s tech, sales, commercial or otherwise.

Mid/Senior Hires
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