About Us
“There are so many myths about us” S.Lukather
Tech StaQ
Tech StaQ
Tech StaQ
Tech StaQ
Tech StaQ

We focus on building human capital solutions so you can focus on the big picture...

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We embrace the growth mindset, enabling our team to face obstacles with a tenacious desire to turn challenges into opportunities for growth. We are relentlessly curious, working to close the gap between what we currently know and what we need to know to be as effective and efficient as possible without losing focus and quality.

While working for international tech companies Tech StaQs founders saw the potential to make an impact by improving processes and automate some of them with one objective in mind: getting the right roles in front of the right people without spamming or burning bridges.

Since our founding in 2017 we have worked relentlessly to create more efficient solutions for our candidates and for our clients worldwide.


So Tech StaQers are engineers, developers, consultants and tech recruiters who want to make a small difference in helping other techies find their next gig and offer our clients a specialised tech consultancy to go to. Having this mix of backgrounds is the added value for our customers – so we better know what our customers need and what our candidates want.
Imagine the magic this team can create having this skill set and make TS an truly unique consultancy!

Who we are

Engineers, developers, consultants and tech recruiters wanting to smoothen the process and make a difference.

What we do

Use technology, data and human intelligence to find the best talent out there.

How we do it

We created some software and some algorithms who assist us in finding your next hire!

Our manifesto
We have completed 300+ projects succesfully
Evolve Together

Collectively, we will never stop learning, iterating and challenging ourselves to further improve the effectiveness of our solutions.


We venture boldly into uncharted territory, creating our own paths when we need to and aren’t afraid to question traditional assumptions.


We look beyond the immediate task, keeping a pragmatic, big-picture perspective that leads to strategic choices and solutions.

Be bold

We believe honesty and open communication are the cornerstones of our success. Being straightforward and to the point always computes.