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Unleashing the power of AI in recruitment

Through experience, knowledge, data and AI we provide organisations with agile talent solutions.

AI Recruitment Services
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We uncover talent so you can concentrate on the bigger picture…

We wholeheartedly embrace a growth mindset, empowering our team to confront challenges with unwavering determination, turning obstacles into opportunities for advancement. We are insatiably curious, constantly striving to bridge the gap between what we presently know and what we need to know to maximize our effectiveness and efficiency, all while maintaining our commitment to quality.

Whether we’re crafting solutions to revolutionize your business, aiding in assembling an exceptional team, or matching you with the perfect opportunity to achieve your professional aspirations, we’re right there beside you. Together, let’s embark on a journey of innovation and reinvention.

Big Data in Recruitment
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Reasons to Partner With Us

We source and engage the most sought-after talent worldwide by thoroughly understanding each candidate, gaining insights into your organization, and leveraging data-driven strategies.

We invest the time to understand your business’s energy, values, challenges, and goals. This enables us to identify talent with the skills and expertise that precisely align with your requirements. Additionally, we focus on the intangibles — such as attitude and drive — that foster seamless integration with your team and culture.

Our approach is enhanced by analytics, which complement our hands-on, high-touch methodology. We employ a blend of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to pinpoint the ideal candidates for your engagement.

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The Team
Paul Tech recruiter 1


Experienced Solutions Engineer with a history of working in the telco industry who turned headhunter searching only for the best talent..Also full-time dad..

Rock Star Recruiter


Multi-skilled advisor from coordinating, business development, headhunting till training…

Tech Recruiters


Passionate and multi-skilled Human Capital Specialist engaging top talent with the most awesome opportunities and an avid coffee lover.. 

Best technicakl recruiter


Skilled software engineer helping identifying the best techies out there for some of the most awesome companies..

Best recruiters


Experienced business developer with programming skills helping in multiple areas making each project a success.

Julian Recruiter


Human Resource Specialist based in Amsterdam and always available and eager to help techies in their next gig! 

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A successful talent hunt requires data, rigorous analysis, creativity, logic and sound judgement. With our experience and knowledge, we provide organisations with talent to easily identify and develop extraordinary employees.

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